Cutting through the complexity

Estate, Trust,
and Gift Tax Services

The estate attorney has drafted great estate planning documents; now what?

As we all know, there are two things in life you cannot avoid; death and taxes. Tax compliance is a crucial area to the estate plan. We will work with the attorney, the family, and other advisors to help implement and monitor the tax aspects of the plan and provide the required reporting.

There are many opportunities to lessen the tax burden and maximize the amounts of money going to the heirs. Significant tax dollars can be saved by selecting optimal tax year-ends where allowed, taking advantage of special tax elections, and careful timing of the payment of expenses and distributions.

At TDHCD we can help lessen the financial impact of death by working with you in all phases of estate, trust, and gift tax compliance. Working with the estate attorney, personal representatives, or trustees is our specialty whether it be behind the scenes or in a more active role.