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November Newsletter

  • 5 Annual Tax Essentials
  • Don’t Let a Disaster Derail Your Business
  • Retirees Should Check Withholdings..Or Else..
  • How To Survive 3 Unavoidable Banking Trends
  • The IRS Loves Your Business… and That is NOT Good
  • Turkey Trivia

October Newsletter

  • Time to Launch Your Tax Strategy
  • Keys to Creating a Satisfying Retirement
  • Fraud? Negligence? Know the Difference!
  • Six Ideas to Help Your Business Survive AND Thrive
  • Finding Your Sleep Sweet Spot
  • Hustling for Extra Income

September Newsletter

  • Is a Tax Surprise Waiting for you?
  • Education: Tax Changes You Need to Know
  • Combat Employee Turnover
  • Give your Credit Score a Boost
  • Hedging Against a Trade War

August Newsletter

  • Student Loan Forgiveness Creates New Tax Trap
  • Ideas to Improve Your Financial Health
  • Dramatic Sales Tax Change
  • Are you Sharing Too Much Information Online?
  • Setting up Your Business Accounting System
  • Manage Capital Gains Tax Tips

July Newsletter

  • Tax filing reminders
  • Five tax breaks for new parents
  • How long will it last? Planning to replace common items
  • Become Debt-Free
  • Is it worth it to amend your return?
  • Elements of a good business partnership
  • Useful online productivity and security tools

June Newsletter

  • Tax filing reminders
  • It’s tax-planning time, schedule a tax-planning session.
  • New small business family medical leave credit
  • 6 tax benefits of owning a home

May Newsletter

  • Update on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA)
  • How to handle a gap in health care coverage
  • Audit rates decline for the 6th year in a row

April Newsletter

  • Tax filing reminders
  • When using an extension makes sense
  • Great uses for your tax refund
  • How to stay prepared to sell your business

March Newsletter

  • Tax filing reminders
  • Alert: Expired home and education tax breaks received
  • Answers to commonly asked tax questions
  • Tax checklist for business startups

February Newsletter

  • Tax filing reminders
  • New 2018 capital expense rules
  • Tips for when your employees are family members
  • Taxes and virtual currencies: What you need to know

January Newsletter

  • Tax filing reminders
  • Looking ahead: Tax reform in 2018
  • Milage rates for 2018
  • The best way to avoid an audit: Preparation


December Newsletter

  • Tax filing reminders
  • Get ready to save more in 2018
  • 4 business year-end tax moves
  • 5 tax tips for job changes

November Newsletter

  • Year-end tax checklist
  • The equifax breach and you: be proactive
  • 6 must-dos when you donate to charity

October Newsletter

  • How to Ace the Fafsa
  • Renewing your ITIN
  • Business tax: time to consider section 179?

September Newsletter

  • Say Goodbye to the College Tuition Deduction
  • Avoid These 6 Common Tax Mistakes
  • Contractor or Employee? Knowing the difference is important

August Newsletter

  • Your HSA as a retirement tool – the facts
  • Learn from the ‘best places to work’
  • Have adult children? Take steps to avoid medical access denial

July Newsletter

  • Reap the benefits of hiring your child for the summer
  • Three actions to save for retirement
  • Five home office deduction mistakes

June Newsletter

  • Keep your audit fears in check
  • 4 tips to landing your dream home in a seller’s market
  • 5 Reasons to incorporate your business

May Newsletter

  • Tax deadlines for May
  • Schedule your midyear tax planning session
  • IRS is now using collection agencies
  • What to do if you are selected for a correspondence audit
  • Everyone knows someone who missed the boat

April Newsletter

  • What’s due on April 18?
  • Apply for an extension if you can’t file by April 18
  • IRS interest rates remain the same for second quarter 2017
  • Springtime remodeling – know the tax impacts
  • 2013 unclaimed tax refunds

March Newsletter

  • Major tax deadlines for March
  • Reminder: Partnership tax returns due one month earlier
  • 2016 proof of health insurance: the Form 1095 wrinkle
  • Current tax law requires health insurance
  • More credits require questions

January Newsletter

  • Mark your calendar: First quarter 2017 tax deadlines
  • Note the new due dates for Forms W-2 and 1099
  • IRS extended the due date for Forms 1095
  • 2017 financial shape up: Small steps toward big goals
  • Standard mileage rates go down for 2017
  • Some federal income tax refunds may be temporarily delayed





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